• Dianne W. 1/21/2018
    Kitchen remodels are not for the faint of heart! Isabel was a great partner throughout our process–reassuring and responsive. She provided confident, experienced advice while being respectful of our vision as well as our budget. Isabel walked us through the pros and cons of different cabinets; she was detail-oriented, and her knowledge and experience with kitchen design was extremely helpful. We ordered beautiful semi-custom cabinets and also utilized her quartz countertop installation service to get exactly what we wanted. Isabel is a straightforward professional who wants the best for her clients, and she worked hard to help us end up with a kitchen that we absolutely love.
  • Lan T., El Sobrante 5/3/2017
    We first met Isabel in 2010 when I was doing research to remodel our kitchen. I had wandered into Isabel’s showroom (Albany Cabinets and Design) to look at the many choices of countertops and cabinets which were beautifully displayed. Isabel was very helpful & knowledgeable. We hired her to help us redesign our kitchen. We had our own contractor but Isabel did an excellent job providing us with a creative plan, beautiful semi-customed cabinets, & quartz countertop with installation service. The result is a much more functional and aesthetically beautiful kitchen.We were very pleased with Isabel’s work and decided to hire her again to help us with our recent bathrooms remodel. Isabel is very detail oriented and extremely efficient. As my partner and I both work full-time, it was of great help to us that Isabel took care of ordering approximately 80% of all the items that we had needed for the bathrooms remodeling project. She inspected all the items when they arrived at her showroom to make sure that they were correct & undamaged before contacting us to pick them up.
    With both kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs, we ordered Kraftmaid cabinets from Isabel. Both times some of the cabinets were damaged during delivery. Isabel immediately took care of all the re-ordering process and made sure that the new cabinets were delivered us as soon as possible.She is very responsive to her clients’ needs and offers many helpful & creative suggestions during the planning process. Isabel presents her ideas with strong confidence based on her many years of experience in the industry but she is very accommodating and respectful when there is a difference of opinion with her client’s vision.I would highly recommend Isabel Tsang to anyone who is looking for a no nonsense, responsive, detailed oriented, & efficient designer to help them with their kitchen or bath remodel.
  • Joshua Room, Berkeley 5/16/2016
    We just finished a kitchen remodel, and Isabel Tsang of Albany Cabinets and Design was a key part of what turned out to be a very pleasant experience. Her showroom is terrific, and allows you to see lots of different ideas side-by-side. She is really great to work with, very funny and opinionated in the best possible way. She has great design ideas, and is that rare professional who offers both functional and aesthetic advice. As is her typical approach, she came out to our house for a free (with cabinet order) consult that ended up making a big difference for us. She saved us from a poor design choice that an architect had suggested, and gave us a much better design for the kitchen layout. Her help with selecting cabinets was invaluable in terms of maximizing the space and thinking about location of everything. And we ended up also getting our counters through her, which was tremendously convenient. Best of all, she was a great manager of the whole process, helping us out with cabinet delivery dates, counter measure and install dates, and everything else. She carries quality American-made cabinets, so they are not the cheapest, but with her discount they were very reasonable and we are very happy with the quality. And when there was a minor problem with a couple of the cabinets (not painted on the correct sides), she not only paid to have them painted, she gave us a very generous discount out of her own pocket. I cannot recommend her more highly.
  • Kila and Tim Hufler, Albany 4/14/2016
    We recently had our kitchen remodeled and were fortunate to have had Isabel from Albany Cabinets manage our project. Her talented design ability, exceptional product knowledge, and attention to detail made the whole process much easier than expected. Isabel has an incredible work ethic and was available to assist, facilitate, or suggest options every step of the way. All of our future remodels will include Albany Cabinets and Isabel without question!
  • Amelia K., Berkeley 2/13/2016
    just want to thank Isabel for continuously going above and beyond for our kitchen remodel.  She is in demand so she may be a bit challenging to get a hold of initially, but we were lucky enough to get her time!  She was super timely in her communication and helped me out with so many decisions – listening and providing good guidance when I needed it.  She was committed to helping us align our kitchen with the rest of the style of our home.  It’s now a centerpiece.  She also was able to help us find our other vendors and provide great discounts.  I could not be more thankful to Isabel!
  • Colleen and Gary T., Pinole 12/2014
    We wish we had another kitchen to remodel so Isabel could work her magic again. When we thought of remodeling our kitchen we went to the “Big Box” stores and spoke with designers and looked at product. In our mind an independent designer would have been out of our price range. To our surprise Isabel was very respectful and realistic of our budget, but more important was her vision for our kitchen…our kitchen is perfect. The balance, the beauty, the practicality and the design; she thought of every detail. It was so much more than cabinets and counter tops. She made sure the sink, faucets, lights, hardware and type of appliances all fit together. She worried about the trim and how it would line up with the transition to the rest of the house. She was very accessible and when she visited us to view her finished design she was so proud that her vision was completed. It was beyond our expectations and within our budget.
  • Winkie and Ernie Notar, Alameda 7/2014
    First of all, Isabel Tsang helped us focus on our muddy vision of putting a new kitchen into our 1926 Spanish Revival house and making it look ‘organic.’ She listened actively, provided concrete feedback to our questions, and made helpful suggestions. Isabel’s knowledge of cabinet lines, features and finishes is wide-ranging and professional. She helped us choose an appropriate style and finish, and worked with us to outfit our kitchen to accommodate our family’s needs and my cooking preferences. Our general contractor installed the cabinets with no problems, and Isabel’s team measured and installed our counter tops with ease. We were able to make good decisions on costs and materials, staying in budget where we needed to and spending on worthwhile enhancements.
  • Cindy Landree, Walnut Creek 6/26/2013
    I wish Yelp had 10 stars…I would give Isabel of Albany Cabinets and Design a resounding 11! I simply cannot say enough good things about Isabel and what a friendly, knowledgeable, patient person she is. Her expertise / vision to turn my dark, ugly little kitchen into a designer showcase was beyond my wildest expectations. She delivered on absolutely everything she promised – all within my very tight budget and time frame. I love the cabinets, love the new design of my kitchen and loved working with Isabel. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • Samantha H., Albany 1/28/2013
    Isabel is very knowledgeable, and has a lot of experience in the field. She is full of great ideas and advice. She has a large range of value priced and high- end products which gave us a lot of options within our budget. She carries the latest and greatest items on the market, as well as the traditional. She is straight forward and informs you of the pros and cons of practically everything. Our washer and dryer is in our kitchen, and we needed a creative solution to have them concealed behind the cabinets. She was able to work with her cabinet vendor and came up with a design that looks beautiful! I would recommend working with Albany Cabinets and Design. She does the hard part for you, and makes your job a lot easier. She has a great sense of humor, and is passionate about what she does.
  • Patricia Martin, Oakland 2012
    I recently worked on a complete kitchen remodel with Isabel of Albany Cabinets and Design. She was fabulous! I couldn’t have chosen a better person to work with. Choosing a designer and contractor was my most daunting challenge. I decided to work with a designer who was recommended. After paying a hefty $1800 retainer, it became apparent fairly quickly that we were not a good match. It was a costly mistake. After meeting with Isabel, I was impressed with her extensive portfolio. And, she offered a quality product at an affordable price. Intuitively, I felt she was someone I could trust to hold my hand through this whole scary process. Isabel was quick to point out details I hadn’t considered, and offered great suggestions on how to open up the space while maintaining the integrity of my 1930’s style home. I really feel I couldn’t have done it without Isabel. She’s a gem. Her creative collaboration and insights truly exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
  • Paul Yonemura, Berkeley 4/2011
    My wife and I were out shopping one day and happened to walk into Albany Cabinets & Design. Isabel Tsang, the owner, gave us some very good preliminary advice about remodeling, and helped get the ball rolling for us. She came out to our home, saw what the old kitchen and bathroom looked like (typical 1950s “modern” for that period, pretty ugly and not functioning well), offered up suggestions on improving things, and took our suggestions as well. I wanted the kitchen to open up into the dining room, which meant opening up a wall. Isabel created a nice cabinet design for the dining room in that opening, that also had a great counter top, highlighted by two low-hanging pendant lights. The house feels much more open now, and it improved the amount of natural light in the kitchen. She also replaced our very ugly safety railing next to our stairwell with a pony wall, more cabinet storage, and more counter space, something that my wife wanted. All of this was put into a computerized drawing, showing the kitchen and bathroom from all angles. We had to approve it, and after a few revisions, we did. This was a “tear-it-down-to-the-wall-studs” remodel, so Isabel wanted to make sure we were satisfied with the drawings before proceeding.Isabel helped in every area, from paint color on the walls of the kitchen and bathroom, lighting fixtures in both rooms, appliances, cabinet hardware, very stylish plumbing fixtures… well, you get the idea. She also kept checking in with the contractor to make sure every detail was taken care of. The finished kitchen requires far fewer steps between the refrigerator and stove, not to mention the dishwasher and storage drawers and cabinets for the glasses, cups, cutlery, and dishes. The bathroom layout couldn’t be changed much, but it sure is a lot nicer to look at, not to mention that everything in there works a lot better too!We’ve lived with the new layout for almost four years now. Was it worth going through four months of remodeling work? Definitely! My wife and I don’t know how we got along with our old kitchen and bathroom. This site says I can include photos, but since I can’t find where to upload this, you’ll just have to take my word for it that the transformation was spectacular. We don’t have another remodeling project on the horizon at this time, but if we did, we’d definitely use Isabel Tsang and Albany Cabinets & Design again. I also have no problem recommending Isabel to friends who are doing a remodel.
  • Cecilia Cunning, Oakland 2011
    The key is that when problems do occur, you want the person you bought your kitchen from to be responsive and help resolve them, and Isabel did this for us. Albany Cabinets is great because it provides an option for people who maybe have a budget above home depot but not the huge amounts of money that it takes to get a custom built kitchen, and it’s a local business with an owner who cares and takes pride in her job. I recommend that if you decide to give a visit, just be clear about what you want and what your budget is, and Isabel will be clear with you.
  • Gary Nicolassi, Oakland 2011
    Isabel was an excellent fit for what we needed. Her initial design fee was very reasonable and she worked with us throughout the process from design to implementation. She was flexible enough to support our ideas when they differed from hers and her product pricing was competitive. Her showroom provided a wonderful environment to hash the whole thing out. The end result exceeded our expectations (we love our new bathroom) and the cost didn’t break the bank even though we opted for some higher end materials and fixtures. Isabel fills a valuable niche between the big box stores and high end/high price designers and we were very lucky to have worked with her on our project.
  • Marge Atkinson, Albany 2010
    Isabel was the project manager for making sure all the work by the installers was up to her meticulous standards. It is very clear that Isabel has the client’s interest at heart. Her insight and ability to match client personality with the many options available for kitchen and bath choices was a marvel. I am so totally happy with my beautiful new kitchen and bath.
  • Toni Mayer, El Cerrito 2010
    This is the second time we’ve worked with Isabel on a bathroom upgrade. Isabel is charming and has good ideas. She also knows when to step back and let me organize things when I have a clear idea of what I want.
  • David Mateer, Berkeley 2009
    My wife and I went to Albany Cabinets after pricing kitchen counter tops with several other stores in the Berkeley area. Her price was well below the competition and the service is excellent. I was worried that we were going to “get what we paid for” but that was not the case. It was excellent service, excellent price, highly recommended.
  • Debra Kagawa, Albany 2009
    Isabel’s expertise was so useful in guiding us through the project. Her suggestions and recommendations were spot-on and I would never have thought about them without her. Her designer’s eye is awesome. I am so delighted with her work that I’m using her skills again in helping me design a home office.
  • Maureen O’Leary and Mark Demming, Oakland 2008
    My husband and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon Isabel Tsang’s lovely shop in Albany. She made the process of our major renovation simple and enjoyable. She was full of ideas about product choices and placement and was a whiz with the computer in terms of demonstrating her suggestions to us. Isabel is an energetic, creative and highly-competent kitchen and bathroom designer and a warm and engaging person as well.
  • Richard & Emma Wilson, El Sobrante 2007
    Several times we couldn’t quite work out which direction to go, so we put our faith in your design skills, and each time you were spot on. Thanks for all your help with our wonderful new kitchen.
  • Sierra and Ken Fong, El Cerrito 2007
    Isabel offers an affordable but varied selection of cabinets, counter tops and accessories. She makes the design work within your budget, including labor. She works with a very good set of contractors. She cares about her clients and sees projects through to the end personally.
  • Bruce and Pat Cole, El Sobrante 2006
    Isabel, your attention to detail, not to mention your availability to address our concerns and answer questions was exemplary. You provided your expertise every step of the way giving us clear and complete explanations, guiding through a positive remodel experience. Thank you for a job well done.
  • Dale & Tina Riggins, Richmond 2006
    Isabel gave us our dream and more! She assisted us from start to finish of our project and was most helpful and considerate to our ideas and what we wanted to achieve. Her professionalism and knowledge of the industry along with the ability to work with a host of suppliers enabled our project, a two unit rental turned into one large living space, to be completed in a timely manner and the way in which we envisioned. Best wishes to Albany Cabinets & Design.
  • Lysle and Ken, El Cerrito 2005
    We just want you to know how much we have appreciated your expertise in getting our kitchen remodeling project off the ground. Your design got us to think “outside” the box and it has “made” the kitchen. We are so pleased with how the plan works for us. Thanks again for your patience and for being so much fun to work with!